On 6th June 2023, Canada’s Honorable Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser, announced that 13 countries have been added to Canada’s electronic travel authorization (eTA) program. Amongst the 13 new countries were Antigua, St Kitts and St Lucia. All countries whereby citizenship and a second passport can be gained through investment. Citizens of these mentioned countries who have previously held a visa for Canada within the last 10 years, or currently hold a nonimmigrant US visa, will now be eligible to enter Canada simply through the eTA system.

Similar to the USA’s ESTA system, Canada’s electronic travel authorization (eTA) program is a very simple online application that visitors to Canada need to complete at least three days prior to visiting the country. In most cases, approval is
issued within minutes. However only certain nations benefit from this system and many nations across the globe will have to apply for a traditional visitor visa which will take far longer, sometimes months for approval. This fantastic addition will no
doubt increase interest in the above-mentioned nations’ already popular Citizenship by Investment Programs as it has significantly boosted their passport power overnight. The news also demonstrates the positive relationships these islands hold with Canada and substantiates that these countries follow robust duediligence procedures when considering new Citizenship by Investment applicants that clearly align with Canada’s standards.

If you are a citizen of a nation that does not have visa-free access to Canada’s eTA program, such as Nigeria or India, but you would like to travel to Canada more freely, then applying for either Antigua, St Lucia or St Kitts Citizenship by Investment programs, will not only give you visa-free access to over 100+ countries worldwide, it will now be enable you to also enter Canada very simply
through the eTA system.

For more details and a quotation for St Kitts, St Lucia or Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Program, please contact our experts for your free consultation.

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