Residency by investment

A residence permit is a permit that allows a person to live in a certain country with conditions that must be met. Residence can be temporary or permanent.

Residency Overview

A residence permit is a permit that allows a person to live in a certain country with conditions that must be met. Residence can be temporary or permanent.

Golden visa programs offer investors the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in another country through various investment channels. A residence permit can provide many benefits for investors, but it is not the same as being a citizen of another country. The distinction between citizenship and resident status can be confusing, but the Golden Visa program offers residency, not outright citizenship.

An Introduction to

Residency By Investment

Residency by investment is the process of acquiring a residency by investing in the host country’s economy. Residency by investment programs legally grant residence status faster than the other immigration processes and do so without requiring investors to put their lives on hold.

Residency By

Investment Programs


Canada Start Up Visa (SUV)
Minimum Requirement CAD250,000
Processing Time (18-24 Months)


Greece Golden Visa (GGV)
Minimum Requirement €250,000
Processing Time (4-6 Months)


Malta Permanent Residency Program
Minimum Requirement €150,000
Processing Time (6-8 Months)


Portugal Golden Visa (PGV)
Minimum Requirement 280,000
Processing Time (6-8 Months)


Spain Golden Visa (SGV)
Minimum Requirement €500,000
Processing Time (4-6 Months)


UAE Golden Visa
Minimum Requirement US$550,000
Processing Time (2-3 Months)

United Kingdom

New Innovator Visa
Minimum Requirement £50,000
Processing Time (4-6 Months)

United State

US EB5 Investor Visa
Minimum Requirement US$800,000
Processing Time (15-18 Months)

Benifits of

Residency offers individuals the advantages of freedom to travel, work and live in that country for a certain period. It grants access to political rights, expanded business opportunities, education and healthcare benefits, property ownership, and cultural connections, providing a sense of security and stability in uncertain times.

Family Security

Gaining residency by Investment is an effective method of family planning. By providing your children with a safe environment, quality education and development opportunities, you will be investing in their future and well-being.

Quality Of Life

Living in another country can give you a better quality of life in terms of safety, education and health care. In addition, you will have the opportunity to experience new cultures and lifestyles that can be enriching and stimulating.

Thriving Economy

Obtaining residency in another country gives you the opportunity to enter new markets and expand your business around the world. In addition, you can take advantage of government benefits and programs to encourage business development in your country of residence.

Access to Universal Healthcare

As a permanent inhabitant, you will enjoy universal healthcare system in the country of your residence. No need to worry about expensive premiums, or surprise medical bills.

No Tax

Some countries offer tax incentives to foreign investors, such as exemptions from taxes on income earned abroad or the possibility of paying lower taxes. These tax breaks can lead to significant savings and improve your financial returns.

Financial Protection

Obtaining residency through investment can be an excellent financial security strategy. By diversifying your assets and investments across countries, you can protect your wealth from potential economic and political crises in your home country.

The Following Are The Most

Common Types Of Investments

Many countries grant Residency to people who contribute a minimum amount to the country’s economy. The donation/contribution option is one of them.

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular ways to obtain residency by investment. Most countries have a real estate option, and many of them allow investors to buy real estate or shares in a luxury resort in order to obtain citizenship.

Many countries allow investors to buy government bonds or securities to obtain residency. Government bonds are considered a safe option, but do not bring huge returns.

On the other hand, private securities carry a higher risk but can provide higher returns on investment.

Some countries offer applicants the opportunity to apply for residency by starting a business. Some countries require applicants to invest a certain amount of capital in their business, while others grant residency based on the number of jobs a particular business creates and maintains for a certain number of years.

This option is unique to the Malta residency by Investment program and requires applicants to invest in more than one route. Applicants will be required to invest in real estate as well as donate to the government.

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Citizenship by investment allows you to obtain citizenship of a country through a contribution, donation or purchase of property. Contributions and donations are non-refundable. You must hold your real estate investment for a certain period.

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