Residency by investment


Malta Permanent Residence Programme


The Malta Residency-by-Investment Program provides individuals with the opportunity to obtain Residency of Malta by making an investment in the country.



The Malta’s exceptional investment naturalization (MEIN) lets you gain residency through real estate investment or a financial contribution. Established in 2014, The program grants investors and their family’s residency right in exchange for the investment in Malta. The residency helps them to travel visa free in 27 Schengen countries.

The Mediterranean lifestyle, rich culture, and stunning natural beauty of Malta could all be yours. All you must do is invest in property or contribute to the Maltese government.

To qualify for Malta Golden Visa, you must prove you have €500,000 in capital assets, of which €150,000 must be available liquid assets. You should contribute to Government with a property purchase or contribute to the government with rent a property. The program requires a minimum investment of €150,000 for the main applicant, plus €5,000 for a spouse and each dependent.

The application process typically takes 6-8 months to complete.

Benifits of
Malta Residency

The Malta residency program offers some appealing benefits that make it an attractive option for investors seeking residency in Europe.

Experience greater security and safety

Malta is an extremely safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. As a Maltese resident, you will enjoy a high standard of living in a politically and economically stable environment.

Inclusion of Family

The Malta Permanent Residence Program allows you to include dependent family members in your application, including spouses, children, parents, and grandparents. Once approved, your dependents will receive the same residence rights and benefits that you do.

business growth

Malta has a thriving economy based on tourism, financial services, and technology. As a resident, you’ll have access to business opportunities in Malta as well as throughout the European Union. The corporate tax rate in Malta is also very competitive at just 35%.

Global Mobility

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a resident of Malta is gaining access to Europe. As a Maltese resident, you’ll have the right to travel freely within the 27 Schengen countries of Europe. You can easily explore Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and France.


To qualify for residency in Malta through Malta’s exceptional investment naturalization (MEIN), you will need several options approved by the Maltese government along with some other requirements.

Make a payment of €68,000 to the Government of Malta as a contribution. Purchase a property in the Southern region of Malta and Gozo with a minimum value of €300,000, or opt for a property in any other part of the country with a value of at least €350,000.

Make a contribution of €98,000 to the Government of Malta. Lease a residential property in the Southern region of Malta and Gozo with an annual rental fee of at least €10,000. If you choose to rent in any other area of the country, the amount increases to €12,000 per year.

  • Be at least 18 years of age. Minors can be included on a parent or legal guardian’s application.
  • Have a clean criminal record. Malta will run background checks to verify you have no serious offenses.
  • Provide health insurance coverage for all family members. Private insurance that covers care in Malta will meet this requirement.
  • Pass a medical exam. Basic health checks are required to ensure you won’t be a burden on Malta’s healthcare system.

Who Can Get
MAlta Residency

The Malta’s exceptional investment naturalization (MEIN) program allows the primary applicant, their spouse, dependent children and dependent parents and grandparents to be included in the application.

To qualify as the primary applicant, you must be at least 18 years of age, meet the investment requirements, No serious health issues and prove source of funds. You cannot have a criminal record or be involved in activities that could harm Malta’s reputation. You must be a non-EU citizen.

Your spouse or partner can be included in the residency application, regardless of gender or marital status. They must provide proof of marriage or partnership. Your spouse will receive the same residency rights and can live, work, and study in Malta. Spouse should be of legal age, with no serious health issues and clean criminal record.

Unmarried children under the age of 27 can be included in your residency application. They will receive the same rights as the primary applicant to live, work, and study in Malta. Children over 18 must be financially dependent on the main applicant.

Dependent parents or grandparents over 55 years old can be included in your residency application. They must provide proof that you have supported them financially supported. Parents and grandparents will receive a residence permit allowing them to live in Malta but not to work. Their residency is tied to the primary applicant.

Application Process

Month 1

Client's onboarding process

Client onboarding at Caribbean Islands Immigration Services starts with Form 1 to conduct the initial evaluation. After a successful screening, we'll send you a Client Agreement (CA) for your review and signature.

Once we receive the signed agreement and the retainer payment, our legal team takes care of all the required government forms and supporting documents. We work closely with real estate professionals and the Residency Malta Agency. You will need to make the first contribution of €10,000


Month 2-4

Application review and submission

We conduct a thorough review of your application to ensure it meets Residency Malta Agency's requirements before submitting your documents. The legal teams at Caribbean Islands Immigration Services will perform final checks on the relevant forms before submission.

Residency Malta Agency carries out its own due diligence and carefully examines all the paperwork. We maintain close association with them throughout the process to ensure your application is processed efficiently and within the required timeframe.


Month 4-5

Application approved in principle

Once your application has been carefully reviewed and deemed successful, the Residency Malta Agency will issue an Approval in Principle Letter. This letter serves as confirmation that you have fulfilled the eligibility requirements for the Malta Permanent Residency Programme (MPRP).

Upon receiving this letter, you will be able to move forward with the subsequent stages of the process. At this stage you need to make second payment for contribution of €30,000.


Month 6-8

Residence card issued

To proceed with the application, you are required to submit either proof of property ownership or a rental agreement, make a mandatory charitable donation of €2,000, and provide the government with valid documentation of your current health insurance policy.

After fulfilling these requirements, you will need to make the third and final contribution payment. Once this payment is made, we can then proceed with arranging the secure delivery of your residency cards.


Frequently Asked

The program requires a minimum investment of €150,000 for the main applicant, plus €5,000 for a spouse and each dependent. The good news is this covers all government fees for the life of the permit.

Nope, there is no requirement to reside in Malta to maintain your permanent residence. However, you will need to visit once to submit biometrics and again after 12 months to pick up your residence cards.

Absolutely, the permit allows you and your dependents to live, work, and study in Malta with no other permits required. Your children also have access to Malta’s high-quality education system.

Only if you become a tax resident by spending more than 183 days a year in Malta. Otherwise, you are not subject to Malta’s tax laws. Your Maltese income and assets are taxed, but foreign income and gains are not.

Very unlikely, unless you provide false information on your application or are involved in illegal activities. As long as you follow the rules, your permanent residence in Malta is secure.

No, it is not a requirement. However, if you are applying for Malta residency through The Malta’s exceptional investment naturalization (MEIN) program, you must own or lease a property and provide the necessary documentation within eight months from the date of issuance of the Letter of Approval in Principle.

In some cases, if a property has already been leased or purchased before submitting the application, it may still be considered if it meets the relevant requirements.

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