Residency by investment


Residency by investment


The Portugal Golden Visa program offers a fast track to residency in Portugal through investment. Established in 2012, the program grants investors and their families’ residency rights in exchange for investing in Portugal.



The Portugal Golden Visa program offers a fast track to residency in Portugal through investment. Established in 2012, the program grants investors and their families’ residency rights in exchange for investing in Portugal. This residency helps them to travel visa free in 27 Schengen counties.

The Portugal Golden Visa program is your fast track to living in the Iberian sunshine. All you need to do is invest in property, open a business that creates local jobs, or deposit funds in a Portuguese bank account.

To qualify for a golden visa in Portugal, the minimum investment in real estate is €280,000 in low population density area. The developments constructed in metropolitan area more than 30 years ago, the minimum purchase price is €350,000.

The processing time for Portugal Golden Visa is approximately 6-8 months.

Benifits of
Portugal Golden visa

The Portugal Golden Visa program offers some appealing benefits that make it an attractive option for investors seeking residency in Europe.

Path to Citizenship

After 5 years of meeting the minimum stay requirements, you can apply for permanent residency. After 6 years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship and an EU passport. Dual citizenship is allowed in Portugal, so you can keep your current nationality.

Inclusion of family

The Golden Visa extends to your spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents or grandparents. They get to enjoy the same rights and benefits as you.

tax benefits

Portugal provides new residents with appealing tax incentives, thanks to its low tax rates. These incentives are designed to attract individuals who wish to establish their residency in the country.

Global Mobility

A Portuguese Golden Visa provides visa-free travel within the Schengen area, allowing you to freely explore 27 European countries. You can open a bank account, buy property, and access healthcare across the EU. Your children and dependents also gain EU access and benefits.


To qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa, you’ll need to invest in one of several options approved by the Portuguese government. The investment amount depends on which option you choose.

Engage in a property transaction of at least €350,000, specifically targeting developments constructed over three decades ago. Alternatively, explore opportunities in areas undergoing urban renewal. It is important to note that the program enforces limitations on purchases within urban areas. In regions characterized by low population density, the minimum investment amount adjusts to €280,000.

  • Participate by providing a financial contribution of €250,000 to endorse artistic endeavors or contribute to the preservation and upkeep of the nation’s cultural heritage.
  • Allocate a generous donation of €500,000 to support ongoing research endeavors conducted by esteemed public or private scientific research institutions.
  • Engage in an investment opportunity by committing €500,000 to Portuguese investment funds or venture capital funds, fostering economic growth and development.
  • Facilitate a substantial capital transfer of €1.5 million to a reputable Portuguese bank, establishing a financial presence and contributing to the country’s economic landscape.

Get on board with the establishment of a company or elevate the share capital of an already existing Portuguese enterprise, with an investment amount of €500,000. As a requirement, this initiative must lead to the creation of five employment opportunities, fostering local job growth over a span of three years. Alternatively, you have the option to generate a minimum of ten fresh employment positions as part of your venture.

Beyond the investment, you’ll need to meet a few other conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Meet certain language requirements, such as speaking Portuguese or English.
  • Spend a minimum of 7 days in Portugal during the first year and 14 days over the subsequent two-year periods.

Who Can Get
Portugal Residency

The Portugal Golden Visa program allows the primary applicant, their spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents to obtain residency.

The main applicant must be 18 years of age or older and meet the investment requirements to qualify for the Golden Visa. The primary applicant is the person who will make the qualifying investment in Portugal and submit the initial application. He should be in excellent health, maintain a clean criminal record, must have a stable source of income and should be a non-EU national.

The spouse of the primary applicant, including those in a civil union, are also eligible to obtain residency through the Golden Visa program. The spouse will need to provide a marriage or civil union certificate to prove the relationship. Spouse should be of legal age, with no health issues and with no prior criminal history.

Dependent children under the age of 18, including adopted children, are eligible to obtain residency along with their parents through the Golden Visa program. Children between the ages of 18 and 25 who are unmarried, dependent on their parents, and enrolled as students are also eligible.

Dependent parents over the age of 65 are eligible to obtain residency through their child’s Golden Visa application. The parents will need to provide birth certificates to prove the relationship and show that the primary applicant is responsible for their care and financial well-being.


Months 1-8

Client onboarding and obtaining visa

Client onboarding at Caribbean Islands Immigration Services starts with Form 1 to conduct the initial evaluation. After a successful screening, we'll send you a Client Agreement (CA) for your review and signature.

Upon receiving the signed agreement and payment, our legal team will handle government forms and documents, including assistance with opening a bank account.

For property investments, the staff will coordinate with the developer and SEF to ensure a smooth process. Finally, we'll arrange for you to obtain your Golden Visa.



First extenion of portuguese golden visa

After the initial two-year Golden visa expires, we will help you renew it for another two years. The experienced team at Caribbean Islands Immigration services will assist you in meeting the eligibility criteria and guide you through the required procedures.



Second extenion of portuguese golden visa

As the fourth year of your Golden Visa Programme approaches, our team will assist you in renewing your visa, ensuring eligibility and meeting all requirements. Once renewed, your Golden Visa will provide an additional two years of residency in Portugal with all its associated benefits.



Achieving permanent residency

Upon reaching the fifth year of the Portugal Golden Visa Programme, you qualify for permanent residency. This milestone opens opportunities for long-term residency.



Achieving Portuguese citizenship

Upon reaching sixth year of Golden visa, you become eligible for citizenship in Portugal. You need to meet other requirements like language test.


Frequently Asked

The application process for Portugal’s Golden Visa typically takes around 6-8 months processing time. The exact timeline will depend on several factors, including:

  • How quickly you can gather the required documents like birth/marriage certificates, police records, bank statements, etc.
  • Appointment availability at your local Portuguese embassy or consulate to submit your biometrics
  • Current processing times at SEF, the Portuguese immigration service

No, the Portugal Golden Visa does not require you to live in Portugal full-time. In fact, to maintain permanent residency status, you only need to spend an average of 7 days in Portugal during the first year, and 14 days in each subsequent 2-year period.

Yes, your spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents can be included in your Golden Visa application. Each family member will need to provide the necessary documents to prove their relationship to you, as well as meet standard requirements like health insurance. Including family members does increase the total investment amount required, but it allows your loved ones to also obtain Portuguese residency and enjoy its benefits.

To be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa, you must meet the following key criteria:

Age Requirement: You must be 18 years of age or older.

Significant Investment: You are required to make a substantial investment as specified by the program’s guidelines.

Clean Criminal Record: Having a clear criminal record is essential for the application.

Investment Commitment: You must commit to maintaining your investment for a minimum of five years.

There are multiple pathways to obtain Portuguese Residency by Investment, each differing in complexity and financial requirements. The three main methods are:

Property Purchase – starting from €280,000 (with conditions)

Investment – €500,000 for acquiring investment fund units or venture capital funds

Job Creation – establish a minimum of 10 job positions within Portugal.

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