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Caribbean Islands Immigration Services provide a full range of investment-based citizenship and residency programs from basic advice and consultation to application / document checking and full representation – all at competitive rates.

Immigrating to a new country can sometimes be a daunting process, filled with challenges. We seek to minimize these challenges, particularly the confusion and frustration that is often associated with the citizenship or residency application process.

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We are Caribbean Islands immigration services. A leading solution provider for citizenship and residency services, having successfully served over 500+ clients since the date of its incorporation.

Our team provides tailored based services for second citizenship or residence permits in desired locations for entrepreneurs and their families and opens a brighter future for them.

Our Leadership

Our executive team is dedicated to ensuring that Caribbean islands immigration services provides the services, programming, and research that help to enable better outcomes for our clients.

Our Professional Experts

Our professional experts always offer price advantages over competitors to our customers along with the unmatched services.


As we meet the challenges to come, we will strive to find the most effective means to accomplish our goals. We will use innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, and sound management principles to strive for world-class results.

Citizenship by

Citizenship by investment programs enable individuals to acquire citizenship in a country by making a significant financial contribution or investment. These programs offer advantages such as increased global mobility, access to social benefits, and potential business opportunities in the country of citizenship.

Residency by

Residency by investment programs allow individuals to obtain permanent residency in a country by making a substantial financial investment. These programs typically offer benefits such as visa-free travel, favorable tax conditions, and access to social services, making them an attractive option for those seeking to establish a new residency or expand their global mobility.

Benifits of
Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship offers individuals the advantages of freedom to travel, work, and live in two countries without immigration restrictions. It grants access to political rights, expanded business opportunities, education and healthcare benefits, property ownership, and cultural connections, providing a sense of security and stability in uncertain times.

Family Security

Dual citizenship for families, Enhanced travel, residency, work options in two countries. It also provides Access to education, healthcare, social benefits, and inheritance rights, maintaining strong ties and enjoying multiple nationalities.

Full Rsidence Status

Dual citizenship helps to Obtain residency in two countries simultaneously, enjoying the privileges, benefits, and opportunities of both, enhancing personal and professional opportunities.

Visa Free Travel

Dual citizenship enables visa-free travel to multiple countries, providing freedom and convenience for international trips without the need for visa applications or restrictions.

Inclusion of Family

Dual citizenship allows for the inclusion of family members, granting them the same rights, privileges, and opportunities in both countries, fostering unity and shared benefits.

No Tax

Dual citizenship may offer tax advantages, such as the ability to optimize tax planning, reduce tax liabilities, or qualify for tax exemptions in both countries, maximizing financial benefits.

No Experience

Dual citizenship attainable without prior experience, enabling individuals to acquire citizenship in multiple countries regardless of professional or personal background.

How to Apply

Assessment of Client Documents & Submission

This Step involves reviewing and evaluating the client’s application documents and submitting them for further processing, ensuring compliance with program requirements and eligibility criteria.

Application Form and Documents Submitted

The client completes the necessary application forms and submits the required documents, such as passports, identification papers, financial statements, and any additional supporting paperwork.

Submission to our Law Firm

The law firm will take charge of the further processing, legal review, and guidance throughout the application process, ensuring compliance with the program’s regulations and requirements.

Submission to Government

The official evaluation process conducted by the government, where they assess the eligibility of the applicant and make a determination regarding the granting of citizenship or residency based on the program’s criteria.

Issuance of Certificates of Citizenship

The final step in the Citizenship & Investment Program, where successful applicants are granted official certificates of citizenship by the government.

Passport Issuance to our clients

Once the government has granted citizenship, eligible individuals receive their new passports, which serve as official travel documents and provide them with the ability to enjoy the rights and benefits of being a citizen, including visa-free travel and international mobility.

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      Omer Customer

      Excellent services and support provided by the team. Special thanks to Ragda mam for the regular follow up on my profile. Thank you for the constant support and guidance about my second citizenship. Good luck team!!!

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      I will strongly recommend Caribbean Immigration to all the people who are willing to apply for Second Passport. They make the hardest things easy for me. They will always be there to solve your doubts/query without any delay.


      If you are thinking about having quiet and relax mind while waiting for your approval. I would strongly recommend them as they are too good in this field.

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